Kimberley Verburg (sierra_le_oli) wrote,
Kimberley Verburg

Hugo Awards 2015: I Don't Have Time To Read This Crap

Seriously, I was busy watching the Women's World Cup Football. So, I guess I should be almost grateful to the racist misogynists for poisoning the Hugo ballots with poor quality work as it meant I had a lot less reading to get through. Except by the time I got round to reading the shorter-than-a-novel works, I'd forgotten how pervasive the poison was.

Full of good intentions, I started on the Best Short Story category. The first one was Turncoat and I didn't get far before... whyyyy is this so bad? Oh dear. And I promptly consulted a website which would help me avoid the bad.

So for the record, Best Novella, Best Short Story and Best Related Work got No Award from me. Best Novelette had one possible candidate, Thomas Olde Heuvelt, the Dutch author who's been nominated for the third year running. Unfortunately for him, I couldn't decide how much of The Day The World Turned Upside Down was pure metaphor and I disliked his protagonist anyway, so put No Award down for that category too.

Actually, it would get boring if I listed all my No Awards. But I wanted to take some responsibility, because although it doesn't affect me so much personally, I know a lot of people have agonised over what's happened to the Hugo Awards in the last couple of years and they have spent a lot of time deciding what would be the fair and right way to vote.

By the way, someone once gifted Wingnut a stamp that does actually say, "I don't have time to read this crap". I love that stamp. It was originally meant for students, but I wish I knew which box it was in.
Tags: sf/f

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